Antique Interior Doors - When to Choose the Real Deal

January 06, 2010

Antique interior doors bring a tradition and charm to the interior of the home. What's particularly nice about interior antique doors is they're oh-so portable, so you don't need an 'antique' home to have an antique door, they can be found in salvage yards, antique shops and online.

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In fact, antique interior doors are readily available for those looking to make the investment in them. But there are alternatives to antique interior doors that may be better for your situation.

Reproduction antique interior doors offer modern convenience and modern components along with the old world style of their elderly counterparts. Why is this important? Many older homes have different needs than more modern residences, and doors were different sizes back then. Many Victorian homes and homes built in the early 19th Century have only 30 inch doorways, while modern construction tends to use 36 inch wide doorways.

There's also the factor of the material. Antique interior doors are normally solid wood. They're certainly sturdy! But they can also be heavy as heck! Modern interior doors tend to be of a more lightweight construction to allow easier use.

Another issue to consider is your climate. Antique interior doors can warp and require more upkeep. Since they are normally solid slabs of wood, moisture, humidity and extreme temperatures may be hard on the antique doors. Their modern counterparts tend to have separate components to make up for moisture and its effect on expansion and contraction of the wood components.

While older homes from earlier eras may benefit from using antique interior doors, homes built in the modern day might very well want to consider a reproduction antique interior door.

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