Interior Aluminum Doors and Windows Offer Contemporary Styling

December 13, 2009

Aluminum windows and doors typically bring to mind window frames and screen doors, but combining interior aluminum doors and partitions can provide distinctive solutions for dividing large interior spaces such as residential lofts and art studios. You can shop interior aluminum doors and partition systems online for ideas.

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Interior Aluminum Doors, Windows and Partitions: Let the Sunshine In

A challenge of open residential living space is achieving sufficient natural lighting without loss of privacy. An interior system of aluminum doors and glass partitions can provide specific living and working areas while allowing light to flow within the space.

  • Interior doors are typically sold as part of a modular partition system: Manufacturers and retailers of interior aluminum doors and partition systems typically design partition systems for offices and commercial use.
  • Interior aluminum doors and framing are available in varied textures and colors: you can choose interior partition frames, window frams and aluminum doors in colors and finishes that compliment your decor.You can choose etched or textured glass to allow light flow without compromising privacy.
  • Aluminum security doors: These heavy duty doors provide security while allowing air flow. Interior security doors can protect valuable inventory and supplies while enhancing your decor scheme.
  • Although the industrial flavor of aluminum doors and partitions may have limited residential applications, they offer unique and non-traditional styling applications for homeowners with unique needs and living space.

You can shop online for ideas for interior aluminum doors, partitions, and all of your window and door solutions. Aluminum is easy to care for and stands up to environmental challenges including climate and pests.

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