Aluminum Interior Doors - From the Home to Business

January 02, 2010

Aluminum interior doors are certainly not on the tip of everyone's tongue when they're comparing interior door products. But aluminum interior doors offer some surprising design advantages for interior doorways. Aluminum is a strong and sturdy metal, making it a popular economical choice for exterior doors.

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But aluminum is lightweight and it can slip seamlessly into contemporary interior design as well. Particularly popular is the aluminum framed interior door. It literally offers a picture perfect interior door that can allow numerous design possibilities for doorways.

While always a popular choice in commercial interiors, aluminum framed doors have become popular in residential use as well. Their lightweight, low profile framing capabilities have made it perfect for sliding doors in closets, while the flexibility of aluminum makes it a popular framing choice in other areas of the home as well.

In fact, aluminum is considered one of the most versatile materials in the construction industry. It provides a unique combination of lightweight strength, rust resistance, heat reflectivity and formability. It's no wonder aluminum is now sneaking into residential interior doors!

Newly constructed homes and businesses are finding that aluminum frames can be installed after the walls are built and painted. This isn't the case for most steel frames, which need to be painted on site. Aluminum door frames are normally factory finished, so they can be installed at any point in the construction process, as long as the walls are present, of course!

Aluminum interior doors offer a variety of construction and design advantages. Look for aluminum frames and doors coming soon to a business or home near you!

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