Aluminum Doors - Shaping Today's Construction Trade

January 03, 2010

As you look around any city in the world, you have to see the major role that aluminum has played in shaping the urban environment. Aluminum is the choice for framing exterior doors and windows, so it's no wonder that aluminum interior doors are popular choices for both commercial interiors as well as making an appearance in residential interiors.

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The process in which aluminum is extruded allows it to create an extremely detailed profile. When used in commercial settings, an aluminum door frame becomes an element of design, rather than just an element of function.

Using an aluminum framed door in a residential setting brings a cool, smooth, contemporary look to the interior door. The low profile of the frame allows the clean lines and textures to complement the door rather than overwhelm it.

One of the most popular looks for aluminum interior doors, not to mention partitions and windows, it the aluminum framing used to hold glass in place. This allows a clean, modern, contemporary look with the aluminum allowing a low profile frame.

Another aspect worth mentioning for aluminum framed doors and aluminum interior doors is the cost - or lack thereof in this case. Aluminum framing systems for office and commercial locations offers a low cost alternative for costly construction of individual offices, cubicles and corridors.

Take a new look at aluminum doors, frames and windows, and you'll clearly see the advantages that aluminum has to offer.

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