What Aluminum Doors Offer Inside the Home

January 01, 2010

An aluminum interior door brings some jazzy design elements to the table for interior design. Besides the fact that aluminum interior doors offer an unrivaled, hip style, aluminum frames offer flush mounts for interior doorways. This makes it an extremely popular material in contemporary style, as it offers up an incredible range of design possibilities.

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The aluminum offers a low profile framing capability in the interior doorway that can handle a variety of materials for the primary surface of the door. We've seen everything from leather lined interior doors to snazzy louvered wood inserts used with aluminum frames. The variation in textures offers high impact in aluminum interior doors.

The look of the aluminum frame can either be played up or down according to the desired look. The frame can be unobtrusive and allow the surface to take front and center stage. Alternately, the metal finish of the frame can be highlighted and made part of the overall appeal of the door.

Aluminum interior doors may not be the first choice that comes to mind for interior doors - but with contemporary style showing an amazing staying power in interior design, you can expect to see more aluminum offerings in interior doors in residential settings.

Consider an aluminum interior door to offer high style in contemporary doors. The aluminum frame offers a picture perfect interior door for a product that commercial interior, retail locations and offices have been using for years.

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