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Whether you're replacing your home's entry doors, or installing new interior doors, you'll want to choose your new doors based on more than price alone. Here's some "door advice" for finding the right door.

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  • Style: If you're installing exterior doors, you'll want to consider your home's architectural style when making your selection. An entry door is a focal point for your home as well as a welcoming transition into your home.
  • Door materials: Wood doors offer natural beauty, but can warp and stick in humid or moist climates. Fiberglass doors can provide convenience, and steel core doors are a good choice where security is a concern. Making a list of your needs can help with finding doors matching your needs and preferences.
  • Construction: Interior doors are often hollow inside, but exterior doors are typically solid and therefore more expensive than interior doors. Fiberglass doors require little maintenance and are suitable for interior and exterior doorways.
  • Pre-hung doors: Installing pre-hung doors eliminates the extra work of installing hardware, and simplifies the installation process.

An important aspect of installing doors is deciding whether to hire the work done or do it yourself. This can depend on your budget, but having adequate carpentry skills is essential to your project's success.


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