Door How-to

Doors are an important part of your home, but you won't appreciate them fully until a door needs to be replaced or repaired.Home improvement projects involving doors usually involve one or more of these activities:

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Selection: Choosing a new door depends on style preference, how the door will function, who uses it, and your preferences for features including weatherproofing, soundproofing, home security, and accessibility.

Installation: The steps for installing a door depend on the type of door, its construction, and location. Basic installation steps include measuring and leveling the door frame, caulking the floor, inserting the door, adding hinges and handles, testing the door, and finishing the frame.

Repair: Deciding whether or not to repair a door depends on the type of damage and your DIY ability. Surface damage caused by high traffic, pets, and kids, can be easily fixed, but worse damage may require professional assistance. Specialized repairs including re-glazing or working on locks and security features can be complex.

Finishing: Doors are usually painted or stained before installation, Preparing door surfaces for finishing can provide better results. Stains and varnishes are good for enhancing wood grain, and paint offers a variety of colors for enhancing your home's exterior and interior color schemes.

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