Understanding your options for Wood Garage Doors

December 30, 2009

Have you noticed that homes are being built on smaller and smaller plots of land? Unfortunately, with this trend, garages have had to be reconfigured to these space requirements, and often the garage door sticks out like a sore thumb. There are not many design solutions to overcome this design dilemma, but a custom wood garage door sure can take the ugly out of that sore thumb garage!

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Wood garage doors typically offer the most styles and customization options. They tend to be used in higher end homes to mimic the traditional style of the old carriage house doors. These doors can be customized to suit your needs while bringing a major style statement to the mix.

Because of the weight of a solid wood garage door, wood is often used as an overlay that keeps the weight down to a more manageable level. It also offers the opportunity to have more energy efficient products used within the core of the door. This takes away the typical wood disadvantages for surfaces exposed to the elements, such as warping.

Another popular option in garage doors is the addition of wood trim to bring the look of a wood garage door to a more economical option. Steel garage doors can mimic wood, and it can be hard to tell the difference even at close range. Adding wood trim upgrades will bring it just the authenticity it needs to completely fool even the most discerning eye.

Wood garage doors offer a style setting solution to that modern day problem of the obtrusive garage. Consider an upgrade to the natural warmth that wood doors offer.

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