Maintaining Wood Garage Doors

December 31, 2009

What's the worst thing for a wood garage door? Moisture - in fact that's the case with any wood surface, but considering the exposure the wood garage door gets in the home, moisture control is a big issue in garage doors.

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Water penetrating a wood surface leads to rot. It's critical to make wood garage doors as impenetrable as possible to prolong the life of the door. While a durable, tough finish takes care of much of the surface, there are points that can be overlooked in the top and sides of the doors unless you purchase a quality wood garage door.

Quality construction means extra care is taken to protect each every possible entry point for moisture. A drip cap should be installed in quality wood garage doors. The drip cap would be placed over the bottom trim board of the door. It directs water away from the bottom of the door to prevent pooling and seeping.

Another detail of quality construction in wood garage doors is vent holes inside the door. Moisture can naturally occur due to humidity and temperature changes. It's important to allow the movement of this moisture so it evaporates and doesn't build up and cause damage.

And to add one more moisture control aspect to quality wood doors, look for cap boards that seal off open grained areas of the door. Exposed vertical end grains can suck up moisture from rain and snow, these areas should be capped and sealed to prevent this issue.

While it sounds complicated, most quality, well-constructed wood garage doors offer these details to keep moisture from damaging wood.

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