Wouldn't you Choose a Wood Garage Door?

December 29, 2009

Wood garage doors are the top choice of homeowners looking for traditional charm and style for their homes. With the garage door making up nearly 30% of the surface area of the home, a wood garage door is just as important to the homeowner as the entry door in setting the style and tone of the home. In fact, the garage door isn't an extra in the home anymore, it's become part of the façade of the home itself.

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Wood garage doors offer the most options for customization and style for homeowners. Architectural details and upgrades make wood the top choice for those looking for a higher end look for luxury homes and upgrades in appearance for more humble houses. In fact, many of the high end carriage garage doors are made of wood and are specifically customized to the architectural style and detail of the home.

While steel can mimic the wood effect, period homes call for authenticity in design and materials. Wood garage doors are just the option for these homes to allow for maximum detail and style in this oh-so visible surface.

While the garage doors of the past decades were designed purely for function, consumer demand has stepped up design options in garage doors. Wood garage doors fill this style void and they add a warm, natural, appealing look to what has historically been a purely functional door.

In design and décor, it's the details that take design and aesthetics to the next level. A wood garage door can be just the detail your home needs to increase curb appeal and offer that special upgrade.

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