Sectional Garage Doors for Homeowners

December 28, 2009

Sectional garage doors aren't just for commercial uses - they are becoming popular choices in homes as well. Sectional garage doors typically are industrial strength workhorses that are usually found in commercial uses. But the sectional garage door is making an appearance in homes thanks to the trend of making stylish solutions of commercial products that can be adapted to residential uses.

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In fact, a one piece standard garage door can be replaced with sectional garage doors by installing a track and springs that can accommodate the change. But why would anyone want a sectional door for the residence?

The garage door represents the largest open expanse in the home - as much as 30% of the home's exterior can be taken up by the garage door. Not only does this open up a new style that can be more practical in use, but it opens up a new range of design possibilities.

The sectional garage door doesn't necessarily need to be a double section, the size of the section can be customized to suit particular needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a smaller opening for a section to use for pedestrian access and for smaller uses such as lawnmowers and tools? It just makes good common design sense - design the door for function, and sectional garage doors offer top of the line functionality in both residences and businesses. Sectional garage doors can offer customized solutions in the home and can do so with style and aesthetics along with function.

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