Seeing the Sectional Garage Door in a New Light

December 27, 2009

Sectional garage doors are the workhorses of the garage door industry. The sectional garage door must stand up to nonstop rugged demands for both commercial and industrial applications. So do aesthetics and light issues come into play in commercial sectional garage doors? You betcha!

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Aesthetics aren't just for homeowners - businesses don't worry so much about curb appeal but they sure do count on their appeal to customers for businesses that work in consumer services and goods. Full view sectional garage doors are the problem solver for locations that need looks to spruce up a commercial or industrial sectional garage door.

While the full view sectional door, one in which literally the glass takes front and center stage, offers some style in commercial applications, there's a more practical side to this door as well. That's light transmission, as in letting the sun in to add to or replace artificial lighting. It can be a major savings to energy costs.

The full view sectional garage door offers the ideal solution for gas stations, auto repair shops, tire shops and similar service locations. The 'view' section isn't always made up of glass, it can be a clear acrylic or polycarbonate as well, dependent on the specific use.

Consider a full view sectional garage door to offer a warm and inviting look for your business from the outside while creating pleasant working conditions and natural lighting from the inside. These doors can be just what your business needs to slip seamlessly into a more residential location.

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