The Commercial Appeal of Sectional Garage Doors

December 26, 2009

Sectional garage doors have long been a staple of auto repair shops and industrial locations. A sectional garage door is one in which the doors operate independently and can be as few as two sections to numerous sections for larger locations.

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Steel sectional garage doors are the most popular option for businesses. Options for upgrades include insulation, full view sections, glass inserts (called lites in the window and doors business) and any number of options to customize the sectional garage door to industry specific needs.

The thickness of the steel used in sectional garage doors plays a large role in their durability. Hot dipped galvanized steel skins are considered the most durable material and heavier gauges are needed in businesses. Steel gauges in commercial applications range from 16 gauge steel to 24, and the lower the gauge the better, as gauge indicates how many layers of the material are needed to be stacked up to make up an inch. Obviously, less is more in this case.

Wind load engineering also plays an important part in the design sectional garage doors. Wind load engineering refers to the force exerted on a building and its components, including doors and windows. Since garage doors, and in particular commercial sectional garage doors, make up a large portion of a building, wind load engineering is critical for the structural integrity, even in areas of the country where hurricanes don't play a major role in weather.

As you can see, sectional garage doors open up a whole new can of worms in garage and overhead doors. Learning the technology and staying informed is critical for a business when it comes to safety, durability and efficiency in sectional garage doors.

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