Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are roll-up doors made of four or more horizontal sections which are joined together. These doors are mounted with rollers connected to tracks on either side. These doors can roll straight up and back.

Sectional garage doors are generally more expensive than tilt up doors, sometimes costing as much as 35% more. However, they are safer and easier to operate and can be opened when a car is directly in front of them. They also give you more room in the garage.

Sectional garage doors are made from materials such as wood, steel or fiberglass and come in a variety of designs. Because of the way they fit in the garage frame, they are more watertight as well as more secure. They cannot be pried open from the side. These doors also create a more streamlined look to your home. Windows can also be added to the upper sections to allow additional light into the garage. This section has many helpful suggestions.

Sectional Door Ideas And Articles

Your imagination is really all that limits you when it comes to sectional garage door ideas. Technology can create sectional garage doors out of a variety of materials. The interior of the door is flexible and strong. The exterior of the door is where you have many options, including steel, including high tensile steel; mock wood grain; clip on panels; a vast array of colors; and various geometric designs.

Consider the look and appearance you want your home to have when considering various sectional garage door ideas. These will play a significant role in the overall appearance of your house.

When looking at various sectional garage door ideas, consider the statement you want them to make. It could be simple and understated, or it could be very bold. It could also be something in between which also reflects your unique personal style and taste. You will find that you have an incredible number of options available.

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