Choosing Quality Metal Garage Doors

December 23, 2009

Steel metal garage doors have long been a favorite of homeowners looking for affordability and energy efficiency with a shot of style on the side. But metal garage doors vary in quality, and it's important to choose wisely to make the most of this investment in your home.

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The gauge of the metal garage door is the thickness of the steel and is a good indicator of quality. In this case, less is more, as a lower gauge indicates a greater thickness. Gauge is actually the number of layers the material takes to make an inch, so less layers means thicker metal.


The number of layers of metal helps determine the energy efficiency of the metal garage door. Single layers of metal are obviously the least energy efficient and probably most suited to mild climates. On the other hand, triple layers of steel not only offer two steel sheets with insulation between them, but a third layer of steel 'skin' is added to the mix.

Weather Stripping

Another measure of quality in metal garage doors is the weather stripping. Quality doors have a full-width vinyl bubble weather stripping along the bottom edge of the door that conforms to the floor for the best seal. There should also be rigid vinyl end caps along the sides of the door panels, a vinyl top cap, and weather seals between each folding section.

A strong warranty against defects and rust are another good indicator of a quality metal garage door. Choose a quality metal garage door that's built to last and provide the most energy efficient choice for the money.

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