Meet the Beautiful Styles Metal Garage Doors have to Offer

January 05, 2010

Metal garage doors have long been the first choice of homeowners looking for affordability and energy efficiency in garage doors. Metal garage doors are now offering another bonus to homeowners - style!

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With the garage door accounting for up to 30% of the visibility of the home from the street - in other words, curb appeal, homeowners are looking to add style to steel for the perfect metal garage door. Garage door manufacturers are meeting their demand with new innovations in metal garage doors.

Steel is the most common metal used in garage doors, and it also offers affordable style. New techniques in making raised panel designs and adding architectural details can make the metal garage door anything from traditionally elegant to cool contemporary.

While the style has become oh-so important, so has the energy efficiency for metal garage doors. Manufacturers have met demand once again by offering triple layers of steel to give the highest level of insulation. Besides two layers of galvanized steel and layer of insulation of polystyrene or polyurethane, there's a layer of steel 'skin' on the interior of the door. These doors offer the best insulating with an added bonus of soundproofing properties.

Also in the metal mix are aluminum garage doors. Used in several contemporary collections, aluminum tends to resist rust and corrosion better than steel in coastal areas and areas with high humidity. The combination of aluminum and glass can bring a sleek style to metal garage doors.

Metal garage doors have long been appreciated for cost, durability and efficiency. Add style to the mix and we have a winning combination in metal garage doors.

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