Aluminum Metal Garage Doors

January 06, 2010

While steel is typically the choice metal for garage doors, aluminum garage doors have been making more of an appearance in contemporary styled garage doors. Metal garage doors tend to offer the best value and durability for value conscious consumers. Aluminum doors tend to cost less than their steel counterparts and they're lightweight with more rust resistance. In fact, aluminum metal garage doors typically cost in the range of $400 to $700, a few hundred and then some less than steel.

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There is a drawback to aluminum garage doors, and one to consider if your driving skills could use improvement. Aluminum is lighter and dents more easily than steel. This is also a consideration if you use your garage as a workshop area where tools and materials could damage the door.

But as far as metal garage doors are concerned, aluminum can be preferable in areas where moisture is a factor, such as beach homes and humid locations. Aluminum is a naturally rust and corrosion resistant material. Add a durable finish to it and it can stand up to high moisture locations. In fact, aluminum metal garage doors are offering some of the same style upgrades as steel, such as wood grain embossing and more options for finishes. While the aluminum may be the less expensive option for the metal garage door, if it's not going to stand up to your wear and tear, it's going to cost more in the long run when it needs replacement sooner rather than later.

Consider the benefits of both steel and aluminum garage doors. Both have advantages and for metal garage doors, the one that best suits your lifestyle, not mention your home's style, is the best investment.

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