The Big Difference with Insulated Garage Doors

January 03, 2010

Insulated garage doors can have a huge impact on energy costs for your home. In fact, can you think of a larger opening in your home than the garage door? Choosing to upgrade to an insulated garage door is going to have the most impact on energy savings in the home and offer you the most bang for your home improvement buck.

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While certainly you don't live in the garage, the temperature of it impacts the interior temperature of your home. In fact, the door leading from the home to the garage is often interior quality and can be part of the problem. Choosing an insulated door for that location in addition to an insulated garage door can have a big impact on energy costs.

If your home has an attached garage, chances are the room next to your garage is one of the coldest rooms in the winter and the warmest in the summer. Harsh temperatures can sneak in through the garage and into the interior of the home, which increases the amount of energy your home needs for heating and cooling.

Choosing an insulated garage door is a big step in the right direction, but insulating the entire garage is highly recommended as well, along with upgrading the passage door. Insulated garage doors come in both metal and wood materials so style doesn't need to be compromised for energy efficiency.

Insulated garage doors are becoming more popular for homeowners looking to maximize energy savings while minimizing their carbon footprints. Choose an insulated garage door to complement your home's style while saving you money.

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