Custom Garage Doors for the Monster Garage

January 01, 2010

Garages are quickly evolving from the standard car keeper of traditional garages to multi-functional workshops that can more than double, even triple, their size. Custom garage doors help minimize the impact of a garage door on your home's curb appeal. In fact, the perfect custom garage door can actually add to your home's curb appeal.

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As garages grow to three and four and even more separate bays, they can dominate the landscape of the home. Without careful attention to the details of the garage door, your home can take on the appearance of storage facility that just happens to have a home next to it to accommodate the drivers and all their worldly possessions.

The custom garage door can either conceal the presence of the so-called monster garage or welcome it into the fold of the home. The choice is truly the homeowner's in how they handle the exterior of the garage, as the custom garage door is going to be an expression of their style, rather than the style and taste of a builder or manufacturer.

Use a custom garage door to play up architectural details of the home, or use the tromp l'oeil effect, which is creating an illusion within the door that tricks the eye. The tromp l'oeil effect could be simply dressing up a traditional rollup garage door to mimic carriage garage doors that slip seamlessly into the style of the home without the industrial look.

With the size of the garage growing and becoming more of an extension of the home, the custom garage door plays a major role in the exterior look of the landscape and details and upgrades can be just what the decorator ordered to keep up with curb appeal.

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