Options Abound in Carriage Garage Doors

December 28, 2009

If you're looking for an upgrade to a standard garage door, take a look at the options offered in carriage garage doors. These doors run the gamut from traditional swing out doors to snazzy overhead lifts that fool the eye. Some of the opening options available are:

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Traditional Swing Carriage Garage Doors

If you're looking for traditional character in a garage door, the traditional wood swing out carriage door is the solution. But you don't have to sacrifice convenience for tradition. You can have automated swing out doors that are used with a carriage door opener so you can make a truly grand entrance in style.

Sliding Carriage Doors

Sliding carriage doors don't swing out, they just effortlessly slide to either side. If you're looking for a carriage garage door that maximizes space while retaining the original character of a carriage door, the slider may be the solution for your home.

Overhead Carriage Doors

For homeowners looking for modern convenience in carriage garage doors, the traditional garage door made to mimic carriage doors offers an economical and space saving alternative. In fact, steel is a popular material for this look and it can be difficult to discern this style from true wood carriage garage doors. With the options available for overhead carriage doors and the seamless steel material, they can offer more protection from harsh elements, not to mention the space saving aspect of doors that can roll up and out of the way.

There are a host of opening options and configurations to suit every home. Consider upgrading to a carriage garage door to take your home to the next level of style and distinction.

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