Carriage Garage Doors - Bringing Traditional Elegance to Modern Homes

December 27, 2009

Have you noticed that garage doors are taking front and center stage in modern homes? With the increase in home construction, builders are striving to make the best use of space, and they've found that placing the garage in the front of the home is the most efficient use of the lot, as it eliminates the need for a driveway curved to a garage on the side of the home. Carriage garage doors are here to save the day in curb appeal for these homes.

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Homes with prominent garages tend to have a lower curb appeal due to the high visibility of a standard functional garage door. Carriage garage doors offer distinctive styles and modern technology to complement both newly constructed homes and older, traditional styles. These carriage doors are providing the perfect finishing touches to homes that were once cursed with an oh-so prominent garage.

Now, the carriage garage door doesn't operate manually as in the days of old. Modern technology takes over to offer automatic, top opening carriage doors that merely mimic the traditional styles of days gone by.

Taking the disadvantage of a protruding garage and turning it into a striking detail to add value to the home is true, good old-fashioned ingenuity and creativity. We love the fact that garage door manufacturers rose to meet consumer demand in this regard.

If you're cursed with the space saving, front yard garage syndrome in your home, consider a carriage garage door to turn that drawback into a stylish solution that can take your curb appeal to the next level. It will be money well spent.

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