Carriage Garage Doors - Old Style, Modern Flavor

December 29, 2009

Carriage garage doors evoke the image of the good old days of a pair of weathered wood doors that were opened by the household help. But modern needs have come to the forefront of carriage garage doors, and style and materials are changing to meet the demands of today's homeowners.

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Steel Carriage Garage Doors

From classic, traditional designs to contemporary flush panels, a striking steel carriage garage door will withstand weather and time. With high performance, low maintenance and exceptional durability, steel carriage doors can take on any style and do so with strong substance.

Composite Carriage Garage Doors

Get the best of both worlds with wood composite carriage doors. That's old world style and tradition along with new world technology for the eco-conscious homeowner. Composite carriage garage doors are made with over 80% of recycled wood fibers mixed with environmentally friendly resins.

The result - a charming carriage door with low maintenance and low impact - on the environment that is, certainly not on style!

Wood Carriage Garage Doors

For the purist, wood carriage garage doors are the one and only choice. But homeowners looking for energy efficiency don't have to compromise when choosing wood carriage doors. Thermal insulation is added to the wood carriage doors to provide the efficiency along with the style the purist demands. Wood carriage doors can be a more economical paint ready surface or a more detailed hardwood stainable surface for a warmer, more natural look.

Find the perfect combination of old and new for your home - old world style with new technology in carriage garage doors to enhance the look and value of your home.

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