Garage Doors

Garage doors can provide an eye-catching center of your home's curb appeal. These doors go beyond function, creating an elegant finishing touch to any new or restored home. Choosing the right garage door is a matter of understanding your options.

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Types of Garage Doors

  • Sectional. This type of door is divided into large horizontal panels that roll up towards the roof of the garage
  • Up and over. The door is one panel and swings outward, then up, to roll parallel to the garage ceiling
  • Swing hung. Like a regular door, this garage door swings out on hinges at the front of the garage.
  • Roller. With a roller door, the door actually rolls up into a drum at the ceiling. Roller doors take up minimal space. Materials are typically limited metals such as aluminum.

Garage doors can be purchased pre-assembled, or designed and manufactured to your custom specifications. Your design needs and budget will help you narrow down your options.

Price Ranges for Popular Garage Door Manufacturers

These manufacturers offer doors to fit a variety of budgets:

  • Holmes, $300-$800
  • Wayne-Dalton, $400-$1,200
  • Amarr, $400-$950

Here are the most popular manufacturers of garage door openers and their price ranges:

  • Genie, $150-$350
  • LiftMaster, $450-$850
  • Chamberlain, $150-$300

Adding Extras to Your Garage Doors

Once you've chosen your garage door's basic shape and style, customize your door with unique accents. While custom doors will typically add to the price boosting it above the cost of a pre-manufactured garage door, the little things can make a big difference. Consider these customizations for your perfect garage door:

  • Hardware. Trim your doors with long-lasting metal accents
  • Materials. Upgrade to more durable metals or woods, or add glass accents
  • Automation. Choose automatic garage door openers outfitted with lights, timers, remote controls and more
  • Insulation. Add an extra layer of warmth or cool to your home with an insulated door that protects your garage against the elements

Choose your garage doors with long-term function in mind. High-quality doors can last for years with relatively low maintenance, offering style and function for your home. Browse your garage door options and select options that reflect your home's style while remaining within your budget.

Garage Door Styles
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