Wood Exterior Doors Add Curb Appeal

December 26, 2009

Wood exterior doors are the clear winner in setting the style standard for curb appeal. In fact, wood exterior doors are the standard that other door materials strive to copy. But when it comes to increasing a home's curb appeal, purchasing a quality wood door is the best investment with the best return.

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Studies have shown that money spent on improvements that increase curb appeal, such as upgrading to a quality wood exterior door, will pay off in added value to the home. In fact, the National Home Valuation Study found that an attractive front entry can increase the home's value up to 5%! It also showed how important the front exterior door was to making a good first impression on prospective buyers.

Most home improvements show a return of less than 85% of the money spent. But an upgrade to an entryway can offer up to four times the money spent in added value to the home. The wood exterior door takes front and center stage in improving a home's curb appeal.

The natural warmth and richness of the wood exterior door are going to give the entryway a more welcoming appearance. It's also important that the exterior doors in a home match the architectural style. The wood exterior door offers the widest range of styles and details to find exactly the right match for any type of home.

The customization options for wood doors also tend to be higher - including odd size requirements, custom shapes and carvings. If your home demands a distinctive style setter for the front entry, consider a wood exterior door to make a statement for curb appeal.

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