Wild, Wonderful Wood Exterior Doors

January 06, 2010

Wood exterior doors set the standard in the residential construction trade. In fact, both fiberglass and steel doors have spent years trying to mimic the qualities of the wood exterior door. But in many cases, the wood exterior door can't be beat for the look and feel of the real deal.

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While metal and fiberglass doors have taken great pains to mimic details in panels and edges - there is no comparison for wood for creating carvings or custom details on exterior doors. There's a reason that vintage and antique doors have remained popular choices with homeowners through the years, there's just no way to duplicate those details in the modern wood alternatives of metal and composite materials!

Today's lodge and rustic styles have brought wood exterior doors back into fashion. Homeowners are realizing that if they choose wood exterior doors wisely, they can easily overcome the traditional drawbacks of wood doors. In fact, modern techniques for making wood exterior doors, along with better technology in finishing options, have all but eliminated many of the disadvantages that older wood doors were accused of having.

Many of today's distinctive styles of homes, such as rustic, lodge and European styles demand the traditional look that a wood exterior door brings to the home. Luxury and high end homes also demand the customization and specifications that wood exterior doors can offer. Manufacturers have risen to the challenge of providing these styles without compromising energy efficiency and durability.

Consider an investment in a distinctive wood exterior door. Particularly for any home that demands high style to add to the home's curb appeal.

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