The Truth about Wood Exterior Doors

December 23, 2009

Wood exterior doors have gotten a bad rap in the construction trade recently, and it's time to clear up some common misconceptions of wood doors. Detractors say that wood exterior doors are not as energy efficient nor as durable as their metal and composition counterparts. We say, that was then, this is now.

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New standards and technology for wood exterior doors have taken these reported disadvantages and made mincemeat of them. In fact the well-respected Consumer Reports recently tested all types of exterior doors. They found that wood exterior doors actually withstood wear and tear better than both fiberglass and steel!

Wood exterior doors have also been wrongly accused of warping. Not so with today's offerings. The warping was caused by unprotected slabs of wood that can't withstand the elements - but in fact, any unprotected material will be unable to stand up to the outdoor elements.

It's also unusual for wood exterior doors to be made of a single slab of wood for quality exterior doors. Usually panels are used to avoid any issues with warping. Other doors may use a laminated wood covered with veneer to provide warp resistance.

Maintenance and upkeep have also been listed as a detracting factor for wood exterior doors. Well, any exterior surface is going to need maintenance - even those called maintenance free will need a wipe down or cleaning on occasion. Newer, more durable finishes for wood exterior doors have helped keep them lower maintenance than their older counterparts.

Wood exterior doors have come a long way through the years, their popularity has been maintained for hundreds of years. Modern technology and pure innovation has kept wood exterior doors a popular choice for homeowners.

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