Exterior Wood Doors

When referring to "exterior doors", door manufacturers include front door, back doors and side entry doors as well. There is a large assortment of different types of wood available for homeowners to choose from for their exterior doors.

Not so long ago, exterior wood doors had some features which made them more challenging to work with. Changes in the weather caused wood doors to swell or contract which would make them difficult to close. They also could permanently warp, which would forever change the shape of the door. New methods of construction make exterior wood doors much stronger and less prone to the elements. It is still necessary to either paint or stain wood doors to offer additional protection from the weather, but otherwise, wood entry doors can be almost maintenance free.

Exterior wood doors offer a warm and solid appearance. These pages will tell you what you need to know in order to choose the proper style for your home.

Wood Door Ideas And Articles

Are you looking for exterior wood door ideas to bring out the most character in your exterior doors? There are many woods, details, and styles from which to choose which can enhance the appearance of your exterior doors.

Oak doors are a great value, and are a popular option for exterior wood doors because of its natural beauty and incredible strength. Add some details to make an oak wood door uniquely attractive. For example, you can choose an oak wood entry door with a raised panel, flat panel, or with a solid flush. Each style will have its own beauty and appeal.

Also, for exterior wood door ideas, consider personalizing the look of the door by adding a window, some sidelights or even a transom. Again, it is details like these which can turn a plain wood door into a beautiful addition to your home.

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