Storm Doors: Protect Your Home from the Weather

January 31, 2010

Storm doors are specially designed doors that protect homeowners from bad weather. These doors are installed in front of an exterior door and may not always be closed. In addition to preventing damage from storm winds, this door also allows for ventilation.

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What materials are these doors usually made from? Wood, plastic, aluminum and sometimes vinyl are used in construction. Originally wood was the most popular type of door, as it was visually appealing and fairly durable. However, if you use wood for a storm door, you would have to apply special weather coating to protect it from gradual corrosion. The thicker the wood, the more durable the door system. Thicker wood is required in order for the door to hold glass panels.

Aluminum is sometimes favored over wood, particularly for its resistance to corrosion. Aluminum doesn’t require repeated paintings or coatings for protection. This is also much cheaper material. Nevertheless, aluminum does have weaker corners than wood.

UPVC or Plastic Front Doors—The Best Option?

This leaves the option of UPVC front doors. These storm doors offer the best resistance to corrosion as well as very strong durability. UPVC front doors can also be molded to look like wood grain and mimic the appearance of more aesthetically pleasing wooden storm doors.

It is true that fiberglass or PVC doors are more expensive. However, the extra expense may be worth it to some homeowners. Just know that this material must be treated with chemicals that slow the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Otherwise, sunlight can make plastics more vulnerable to cracking. The thicker the material, the better.

One other consideration when reviewing a fiberglass door is that of the door frame. Because the system is usually glued together, if the frame breaks, it is more difficult to repair. Some individuals may want to simply buy another door at this point. This may be an option for you if you want weather protection as well as storm protection.

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