Discount Storm Doors - Buying Tips, Styles, and Prices

July 21, 2010

Storm doors have come a long way from the cheap aluminum models of the 1970s. Storm doors, which provide additional insulation and security protection to exterior doors, especially the entry door, now come in a wide range of styles and material choices. You don't need to break your budget buying a new storm door, however. By shopping smartly you can buy a discount storm door that adds insulation to your home and also provides ventilation when the entry door is open.

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Buying a New Storm Door

Buying new doors really comes down to four things:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Material
  • Style

Door prices are largely determined by its composition--wood, aluminum, or vinyl--and its style. The fancier the door, the more it costs. Custom door sizes can significantly increase the cost of a new storm door as well.

Styles of Storm Doors

Storm doors come in three basic types:

  • roll-screen
  • full view
  • ventilating

Full view doors have either screen or glass, depending on homeowner preference. You can remove the glass in the spring and add the glass panel in the fall. Ventilating storm doors have a movable glass section that slides up and allows for screened ventilation. Roll-screen storm doors combine full view and ventilating. A screen at the top of the window is exposed as you roll down the window.

New Storm Door Prices

A rough cost estimate for a new storm door is about $100 to $300--but costs can go much higher if you set your sights on a high-end wood model. The most inexpensive storm doors usually are aluminum and vinyl. Like anything, you get what you pay for when it comes to storm doors. An inexpensive door won't perform as well or be as sturdy as a more expensive model, and it probably won't look as good either.

Finding a New Storm Door

One of the best ways to find discounted storm doors is to search major home improvement retailers' Web sites and compare their prices. However, there also are many door companies in your area that can sell you a good storm door at a fair price. They also can offer tips on installing a door, or they can send someone to your house to hang the door for you.

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