Storm Doors: Converting from Screen to Storm Ready

July 15, 2010

Shopping for storm doors and windows? The good news is that you can buy doors that convert from screen doors to storm doors thanks to interchangeable screen and tempered glass panels. The panel frames are typically constructed of the same material as the door, which provides a uniform appearance and doesn't call attention to the "removable" aspect of the panels.

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Storm Doors: Who Needs Them and Why

  • Protection: Storm doors protect your entry doors and home interior from inclement weather and water damage; a second sturdy door may also deter crime.
  • Safety: Storm windows and doors are constructed using break resistant tempered glass.
  • Energy efficiency: Some types of storm doors are qualified for energy rebates from local utility companies and may qualify for energy tax credit programs.
  • Let there be light: Storm doors allow more light into your home than traditional solid entry doors. On cool days, you can open your front door and use the storm door as you would a screen door in warm weather. This function can be useful in mild climates that may not experience many storms, but where cool, damp weather persists.

Finding and Installing Storm Windows and Doors

Installing storm windows and doors together helps ensure a uniform appearance for your home and may also provide better pricing. Shopping for storm windows and doors online can help you find styles and materials you like, and visiting window and door showrooms allows you to compare products side by side. You'll find storm doors and windows made in wood, aluminum, and other materials; discussing your needs and budget with window dealers can help you find storm doors best suited to your home.

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