Tom Shafer

Storm doors that offer protection and style

October 07, 2014

The days of the $39.00 storm door have ended. Though they once were used as more of a decorative element, today's storm doors are built to protect your home from the weather - cold air, rain, snow…all the unpleasant things you want to keep out of the house.

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Today, retail prices for storm doors range from less than $100 to more than $500 and can even get into the thousands. Installation is typically extra. If you're going to invest in a storm door, you want to make sure you're getting one that fits your home and your budget. Here are five types to consider:

  1. You could get a hollow mill finish aluminum extruded (meaning the color is extruded as opposed to painted and thus does not require upkeep) door for around $99. This door has tempered glass that can be moved up and down in a track and it usually also has a screen. You may also know these doors by their other name: self-storing doors.
  2. A solid core door ranges in price from about $150-$200 This is simply a particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard)door with an aluminum frame and a vinyl or aluminum skin. The frame to hang it is attached to the door, and the door itself comes in several colors. Due to the weight of these doors, they may have four or five hinges.
  3. Full view doors are preferred when a homeowner has an entrance door with decorative glass. Why spend all the money for decorative glass and then cover it with an ugly storm door? Full view doors are tempered glass from top to bottom. Some glass panels are even available with decorative designs in colored glass. You can expect these to range from $200-$275.
  4. Full view doors also come in self-storing models. These doors include a screen that is rolled up in section in the top of the door. It operates much like pull-down blinds. The top glass panel slides down in the tracks on the door, where it sits behind the bottom glass so the screen can be used on top. This is preferable for many people that want to change the cross ventilation of their home. Prices range from $275-$350.
  5. Newer storm doors now include items like laminated glass with strong security hardware. These doors can be purchased with blinds between two glass panels. This offers the weather protection of a storm door as well as privacy with permanent blinds. These are more secure than doors with temporary bars, but less expensive than true cast iron decorative doors. Depending on how high-end you want to get, you can expect to pay from $400-$1000.

Today's storm doors are built with protection in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. You can get a great defense for your home's primary entrance without compromising on your curb appeal.

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