Steel Doors: Strong Enough to Stop a Hurricane

December 31, 2009

Steel exterior doors sound like a rough and tough door that can stop just about anything - burglars, hurricane force winds and fire. But can steel exterior doors stop the elements and burglars in their tracks? Let's take a look at steel doors.

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Steel exterior doors are known for their resistance to shattering and being kicked in. Both wood and fiberglass doors can't always stand up to this test. What is important in making a steel exterior door burglar proof, is upgrading locking mechanisms and making sure they're used each and every time on each and every door.


Dade County Florida may very well be the hurricane capital of the United States. They seem to get hit hard and often with hurricane force winds. Can steel exterior doors stand the test of Dade County? You betcha! There are some strict code requirements for construction and existing buildings in hurricane prone areas, particularly Dade County. Steel exterior doors normally meet or exceed these code requirements.


Steel exterior doors are in and of themselves fire resistant, particularly when compared to their wood counterparts. But steel doors for both residences and businesses are available with fire ratings. These ratings are shown in minutes, and obviously more time is key in any fire situation. Steel exterior doors come in ratings of 20 minutes to 90 minutes. This means there is documented evidence of the steel doors ability to withstand the fire door test regime for a duration of 20 to 90 minutes.

Steel exterior doors have a tough reputation, and for good reason - and yes, some of them can stop hurricane force winds!

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