Replacing Your Screen Door with a Security Door

March 31, 2011

Screen doors work well during hot weather; they provide light as well as cross ventilation. Unfortunately, traditional wooden and aluminum screen doors are subject to damage by kids, pets, and climate conditions. Installing an iron security door in place of your screen door provides the benefits of a screen door while increasing your home security. Security doors are typically equipped with heavy duty dead bolt locks that secure your home against intruders whether your entry door is open or closed.

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Security Door 101: Your Home Doesn't Have to look like a Jail

Heavy iron security doors can resemble jail house doors, but you can soften their appearance by selecting softer colors, or finding designs with curving lines such as free form or botanical designs. Mediterranean and other European architectural styles often incorporate steel windows; having an iron security door can enhance your home's decor while providing protection for your family and possessions. You can have a security door made to fit custom features including archways and other unusual shapes. Although custom ironwork can be costly, having an iron security door designed to match or complement iron railings or other exterior home features provides visual continuity for your home's exterior.

Home entry doors are also available in styles designed for enhancing home security. Wood clad steel doors are an example. Your window dealers and home security suppliers can recommend security door options best suited to your needs.



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