Essential Upgrades for Security Doors

December 29, 2009

While choosing a security exterior door is important, it can also be the little things that mean a lot. Like the upgrades in security exterior doors that offer the extra element of safety. Considering these security upgrades for each and every door of your home, not just an entry door, may just be the best purchase you can make for your home.

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Popular upgrades in security doors are:

  • Upgraded, multi-point locking systems that offer locking mechanisms in different areas of the door. Sturdy deadbolts along with an upgraded primary lock are the most popular choices for secure exterior doors.
  • Security window film - Glass can be a security issue in exterior doors. Security window film is a clear, flexible polyester sheet that is used inside the window. If the glass is broken it will shatter, but the film holds it in place. While the film is not completely indestructible, it takes a good pounding to completely get through it.
  • Security bars - security grills and bars don't need to mimic a jail cell. Ornamental ironwork allows glass to be used while the ironwork adds decoration and security.
  • Door frames - while you can have the highest security exterior door, it's worthless if the frame can be damaged and ripped away. Make sure frames are always in good repair and as impenetrable as the door.
  • Mail slots - not only are mail slots major energy wasters, but they pose a security risk. If you must have a mail slot, make sure it is well out of reach of locks and handles, or fit a cage around the interior portion to catch mail and add to security.

Security doors for homes and businesses are important investments - invest in upgrades to maximize their value.

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