Tips for Selecting Screen Doors

July 13, 2010

Replacing screen doors is not as complex as replacing windows and doors, but your project's success depends in part on knowing how you want screen doors to perform.

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Screen Doors: From Style to Security

Here are some tips for selecting screen doors that meet your needs and complement your home.

  • Purpose: Knowing what you want to achieve with screen doors will help you focus on options appropriate to your needs. Traditional screen doors for entries and patio doors can work, if ventilation is your major goal. Security doors are available in styles that don't make your home look like a jail, but do provide home security.
  • Usage: If your screen doors endure high traffic, including pets that scratch to get in and out, buying a durable screen doors with "kick" panels can help minimize damage. Choose your screen doors with an eye toward practicality and safety.
  • Your home: If maintaining your home's architectural style is important, you may wish to have custom screen doors designed and built for your home. Discuss specific needs with window dealers and/or fabricators.
  • Your budget: Window dealers and home improvement centers may offer interest free financing for large projects; purchasing and installing screen doors along with new windows and doors may help you save on financing your project.

Shopping for screen doors online can help with locating and purchasing products best suited to your preferences and lifestyle.

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