Don't Let the Screen Door Slam: Not Your Parents' Screen Door

December 23, 2009

Screen doors are no longer limited to the aluminum or wood-framed styles our moms told us not to slam. you can find screen doors to fit any situation or climate. In addition to the old stand-by styles, you can find screen doors that double as security doors and retractable styles that may not fit the traditional description of doors; these can be rolled up (and out of the way) when not needed.

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Screen Doors Not Limited to Front and Back Entry

You can use screen doors for patios, breezeways, and the entry between your garage and home. With the popularity of outdoor living in temperate climates, retractable screen doors can be used in outdoor "rooms," sun porches, and decks for providing protection from the elements, insects, and intruders.Retractable screens can be used with French doors for providing ventilation and indoor/outdoor access without allowing insects indoors.

Security Doors: Peace of Mind and a Cool Evening Breeze

Security screen doors may bring to mind jail-like grills over windows and doors. Today's security screen doors offer a variety of colors and styles designed to complement your home's architecture while welcoming guests. No one wants to feel as though they're visiting a jail when they arrive at your front door.

In addition to security screen doors, a variety of solid security doors are also available. These may be made entirely of steel, or have exterior layers of wood or fiberglass with a steel core. With versatile styles and material choices, you can protect your family, home, and possessions with no one being the wiser. When installing security doors and screens, it's important to adhere to local building and safety codes.

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