A New Look for the Old Screen Door

December 26, 2009

Exterior screen doors have not exactly been trendsetting style mavens in the past several years. But demand from homeowners looking to make the most of their curb appeal has brought some stylish solutions to screen doors. Typically screened door frames were made of plywood with a loose, screened insert that snagged if you so much as looked at it.

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Screen door manufacturers have gotten smart, and they're giving homeowners the style they demand in screen doors, not to mention better, less obtrusive quality screen material. Victorian, cottage and lodge styles have been particularly popular in exterior screen doors. Vintage styles and those that offer some personality have been in high demand. Homeowners are finding a range of looks to suit all styles of homes so the screen door can add to curb appeal rather than subtract.

Besides style, another major upgrade to screen doors has been the new frame materials. Vinyl, hardwood and metal offer sturdier option for screened doors, with less upkeep and more durable finishing options. Vinyl has been the standout frame material in exterior screen doors, giving the classic look of wood in a durable, maintenance free material.

If you're looking for a quick upgrade to curb appeal, or a more stylish solution to outdated screen exterior doors, look for one of the newer offerings that take a step away from traditional flimsy screen doors and bring style, quality and substance to the mix. With new technology and better design, you're bound to find a screen door to complement your home, as well as your personality and lifestyle.

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