Information About Screen Doors

January 18, 2010

Screen doors refer to a hinged door covering that covers an exterior door. The screen has a mesh that prevents insects from getting into the home. Sliding screen doors can be made by cutting rollformed thin aluminum sheets into a door frame shape, which then incorporates a screen channel for holding the material, or it can be made from using extruded aluminum shapes. In construction, the rectangular-shaped rollformed is joined together into a door frame using either corners or screws. The former of these options is less expensive.

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Extruded aluminum screen doors are created using thicker aluminum. Therefore, this type of door is stronger and slightly more expensive. After installing screen doors into your house, you might notice that the corner of the door tends to deteriorate after many repeated openings and closings. After repeated using, the door shape might start to loosen up in the corner, and occasionally then might cause sticking or jamming.

Types of Screen Doors

Screen doors today are top of the line, whether searching for sliding screen doors or traditional open and shut doors. There are craftsman style screen doors available, as well as doors with a natural or Victorian style. These doors are often times customized for specific orders, such as a convenient pet door. Screens can also be reinforced to remain stable during intense storms.

Doors are traditionally constructed out of wood, such as mahogany, oak or poplar. Occasionally, screens may need replacing or replacement parts such as hinges, locksets, handles or pulls. Screens are ideal for individuals who frequently keep their door open for ventilation purposes, gentle outside sounds and for lovers of nature. These are inexpensive doors to construct and will bring much more life to your use in the end.

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