Adding Screen Doors is a Smart Decision

December 23, 2009

Screen exterior doors have traditionally been a nuisance for doorways. They certainly weren't made for style, as screen doors kept the bugs out but managed to block views and detract from curb appeal as well. Newer offerings have made screened doors more stylish, and homeowners are screening choices for more options to fit seamlessly into their home's style.

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Newer screens offer a less obstructed view that allows ventilation into the home while bugs and pests are kept out. The screens themselves tend to be sturdier and less apt to snag and run.

Another option that has homeowners buzzing about screens is the retractable screen door. It's the perfect solution for front entries and allows homeowners to get fresh air and ventilation without compromising curb appeal. The retractable exterior screen door retracts into a slim frame that is hidden in the door frame when not in use.

There's also a new trend in screen exterior doors - screen inserts that pop out that can be replaced with storm windows. More traditional screen doors simply placed the storm window over the screened potion. Typically it was a flimsy frame that housed the screen and didn't offer much in the way of protection from the elements, so it was rather a moot point to use them as storm doors.

Newer, sturdy screen doors in steel, fiberglass and wood are well up to pulling double duty as a screen and storm door. Even better, they can do so without compromising style.

Look for exterior screen doors that offer quality, sturdy screens and durable, stylish frames to add to your home's décor, not detract from curb appeal.

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