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There is nothing like a warm day at home with the doors open to catch a gentle breeze. There is, however, a problem if more than just a cool breeze is entering your home. Check this section out for information on screen doors.

No one likes insects in their home, and the simplicity of adding this type of door to your doorways means you won't have to put up with that kind of aggravation. Your typical design for screen doors consists of two tracts that are mounted within the door frame which allows you to slide the screen open or closed.

Adding screen doors and windows is as simple as it is inexpensive. There are numerous applications to choose from whether you are looking for sliding style doors which pull across your doorway, or the even less expensive way of adding screen netting. The choice is yours.

Screen Door Ideas And Articles

Screen doors offer protection against insects. There are many different models to choose from. One of the more popular screen door ideas today is to use retractable screen doors. These doors are popular when the homeowner likes the idea of a screen door without the unsightly look of a standard screen door. This variety of screen can be added quite inexpensively. One side of the screen is simply attached to the existing door frame using screws and a metal plate. This method allows for the screen to blend in with the exterior door so that it won't be as noticeable in the way of storm doors. When not in use, this door can be removed leaving only the existing door already in place.

When it comes to screen door ideas, retractable screen doors are also a great option. These are covered by roll-up blinds which open either vertically or horizontally. Retractable screen doors, however, are not designed to provide security or barriers of entry for either people or pets.

  • July 13, 2010

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  • January 18, 2010

    Screen doors refer to a hinged door covering that covers an exterior door. The screen has a mesh that prevents insects from getting into the home. Sliding screen doors can be made by cutting rollformed thin aluminum sheets into a door frame shape, which then... More >>

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