Shedding Light on Patio Exterior Doors

January 05, 2010

Patio exterior doors have long been taken for granted, until you've had one that won't slide open and closed properly, then you realize - not all patio exterior doors are built alike. Sliding glass doors, also called glider patio doors in the construction trade, are excellent for maximizing space and natural lighting from outdoor living areas. They have one door that slides within the other, usually a stationary door, so no indoor or outdoor clearance is needed, making them much more preferable than a space hogging hinged patio exterior door.

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The sliding patio exterior door also has the added benefit of unobtrusive hardware and door frames that make the most of exterior views. In fact, the low profile of the glider exterior patio door makes it a natural choice in many situations to capitalize on views such as waterfront or other scenic vistas. While the glider has advantages, there are some points to ponder when considering one for a patio exterior door:

Locking Systems

Look for locking systems that offer more than one point of security, such as a mechanism on the handle and one on the top or bottom of the frame for added safety.

Sliding or Gliding

There's nothing worse than a sticking sliding glass patio door. Look for patio doors that have a floating feel rather than sliding. This indicates that they have better rollers that won't be a sticking point in the future.


Check the u-factor of patio exterior doors. The u-factor gauges energy-efficiency, the lower the better.

Sliding glass patio exterior doors are an economical, space-saving solution to transition indoor and outdoor living areas. Choose quality patio doors to make sure it's a smooth transition.

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