Selecting Your Next Patio Door: Tips for Success

April 01, 2011

When shopping for a new patio door, you'll want to consider how you need it to perform and how often it will be used.

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Your Patio Door--Most-Used Exterior Door in the House?

The first style you'll want to look at when choosing a new patio door is your lifestyle. These should be your primary concerns:

  • Frequency of use: An ornate patio door with etched or stained glass panels my provide beautiful decor in your master suite, but wouldn't be practical for a patio door used frequently for accessing your backyard, deck, or pool area.
  • Pets: Your animal companions can wreak havoc on a patio door and its screening. Consider options for heavy duty screening or panels to help with protecting your new patio door.
  • Location: How is your patio door situated in relation to sun and weather exposure? Heavy sunlight may require a patio door with multiple glass panels and/or tinting for protecting window coverings, furniture and carpet from sun damage.
  • Exterior doors and windows: Consider the styles and fabrication of your home's exterior doors and windows when selecting a patio door. If you're planning to replace your windows, including a new patio door for delivery and installation at the same time may save money and minimize disruption caused by a separate installation.

Windows and doors dealers can help with choosing your patio door and arranging its installation. You can also learn about window and glass ratings and how they can help with selecting your patio door.


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