Patio Doors - Sliding vs. Hinged

January 06, 2010

What do you look for when choosing a patio exterior door? You're looking for a patio door that offers the perfect combination of the best qualities of a window and a door. You're looking for the natural lighting a window offers with the functional passageway that an exterior door offers. When you find that perfect combination of light and function - you've found the perfect patio exterior door.

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You typically have two main styles of patio exterior doors - hinged and sliding. Each have their advantages, and the choice normally boils down to space and money, just like most of life's little decisions!

Sliding Patio Exterior Doors

Slider or glider patio doors tend to be the lower cost option. They offer maximum unobstructed views and light, but tend to have less width for actual passage when fully opened. They are considered the space saving option, as they don't need interior or exterior clearance for opening.

Hinged Patio Exterior Doors

Hinged patio doors, such as French doors or similar doorways, tend to cost a little more initially, but they can be more cost savers on energy efficiency in the long term. They do offer more design and hardware options, and when fully opened usually offer a larger, clear passageway than sliding glass doors. Hinged patio doors tend to offer a more traditional or high end look than some of the more economical sliding glass doors.

The best choice for a patio exterior door is the one that functions best and looks best for your particular situation and style...so which is the winner for your home?

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