Patio Doors that Hinge on Style

January 04, 2010

Typically patio exterior doors have set style to the side and just offered function for outdoor spaces. But anyone can see that today's patio exterior doors have taken function and style to new levels with hinged patio doors. The hottest trend in home design has been integrating outdoor areas such as patios and decks into the living area of the home.

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Taking front and center stage in this design revolution has been the hinged patio exterior door. More energy efficient and stylish than its sliding counterpart, hinged patio doors are hot in home design. The energy efficiency alone makes the additional cost over a sliding patio door an investment that will soon be recouped.

A hinged patio exterior door functions just like a conventional door to offer a more timeless style that's perfect for more traditional designs and high end homes. They also allow for more upgrades, such as grills or individual panes of glass to mimic French door for a classic look.

Another feature making hinged patio exterior doors gain favor is their security. Most offer a multi-point locking system while sliding patio doors tend to have a single, and often not very secure, locking point.

If a wider opening is a requirement for your patio exterior door, the hinged option offers a surprisingly wider clearance than the typical sliding glass patio door. With sliding doors, the door's hardware and gliding mechanisms keep them from opening completely.

If you're looking for an upgraded patio exterior door to bring high end style and function to outdoor spaces, a hinged patio door is a stylish solution.

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