New Patio Door Styles Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

March 10, 2011

Although you may spend most of your down time in your outdoor living area, it's important to consider how foot traffic moves between your home's interior and outdoors. Installing a new patio door improves your home's decor and functionality.New patio door styles can improve air flow and functionality when compared to a traditional sliding patio door.

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  • French doors: These have become popular in recent years; they offer the benefit of increased air flow and access. You can easily move bulky items from indoors to your patio, deck or backyard through double doors that typically open inward into your home.
  • Bi-fold patio doors: Think of bi-fold closet doors; they provide great access and don't displace furniture or items stored in your closet. Bi-fold patio doors open wide and provide excellent access and views without obstruction.
  • Patio door glass treatments and window coverings: Depending on how your patio door is situated, you may want to have its glass treated for filtering out damaging UV rays. There are also exterior screening and window treatments that can help with managing how light enters your home through a large expanse of glass. You can select from Roman shades, plantation shutters and combinations of drapes and blinds in styles ranging from beach resort casual to formal can "pop" your home decor while providing protection from sunlight and glare.

Replacing your patio door when ordering replacement windows or remodeling your home may help with saving on installation costs. Contact window dealers and contractors for more information.


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