Patio Doors Windows: Nine Common Problems, Nine Solutions

July 25, 2010

Security, comfort, safety, shade, style--patio doors windows take on some big jobs. So, don't put up with these common annoyances:

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  1. Your patio doors windows are stuck shut.
  2. All your patio doors windows are single pane, creating an energy outflow gap in your house envelope.
  3. You feel insecure with all-glass sliding patio doors.
  4. Multi-pane windows are difficult to clean.
  5. Patio doors windows are too small and don't allow views of your patio and yard.
  6. The windows are too big and let in too much light, heat, and cold.
  7. Your old patio doors windows are hazy, scratched, and have an accumulation of grime and paint.
  8. Your can't modify your all-glass doors for a kitty or doggy door.
  9. Your patio doors windows are vulnerable to high wind breakage.

Nine Solutions for Patio Doors Windows

  1. Windows stick for many reasons. You may have old, uninsulated aluminum frames which are corroded. You might notice your wood frames are splintered and decayed. You may need to replace your window hardware. Still no luck? Purchase insulated aluminum, vinyl, or clad-wood door window replacements.
  2. Drafty patio doors windows and door frames cost you monthly. Replace weather stripping and re-caulk window frames. Or, replace doors and windows with insulated ENERGY STAR units.
  3. Most sliding patio doors are all glass and enticing to burglars. If you like a view, install horizontally retractable security screen doors outside sliding doors. Or install electric vertically-retracting metal roll-up shades.
  4. For the multi-pane look without the cleaning problems, purchase replacement doors or windows with the multi-pane framework inside the glass panes.
  5. If your patio doors windows are too small, you can create a larger opening in wood doors. But, other doors may require complete replacement.
  6. If large patio windows bake or freeze your home, hang insulated window coverings outside or inside. Put up sun-blocking screens in the summer. Or, choose replacement doors with solid bottom halves.
  7. If your old, worn-out patio doors will never look good again, buy replacements that solve existing problems.
  8. For pet door installation, purchase a secure, weather-tight insert that fits into your sliding door frame. Or, purchase doors you can cut out to install the pet door.
  9. In hurricane or tornado-prone areas, external, vertically retractable metal shades--and a bit of luck--can provide maximum protection.

Remember to look for the ENERGY STAR label for possible Department of Energy rebates on high-performance windows. Start saving even before you install your new patio doors windows.

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