Mighty Metal Exterior Doors for your Business or Home

January 02, 2010

What can a metal exterior door offer your home or business? Just a low cost, durable and low maintenance door that can be styled to nearly any design specification, that's all. If that's what you're looking for, then by all means choose a metal exterior door. You see, metal doors don't warp, crack or wear like wood doors. They don't require replacement as often, and they tend to require less upkeep.

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Look at the most heavily used door in your town, doubtful that it's anything BUT metal. There's a reason for that - metal exterior doors can handle the wear and tear and constant use where other door materials fear to tread - particularly in high traffic retail and business locations.

While many consider metal exterior doors to be used primarily in commercial settings, you'd be surprised to learn that over one half of the residential doors sold today are made of steel. They certainly don't look it, they offer the high style of traditional wood doors, but in reality, they're steel panels that can be made to mimic each and every characteristic of wood.

The doors then use the steel panels on the interior and exterior with a hollow core, or an insulated foam core for maximum energy efficiency, to build a residential door with the look of wood but the advantages and cost of a metal exterior door with more design options than their commercial counterparts.

Metal exterior doors offer the best of all worlds - style, selection, cost, energy efficiency, durability - it's no wonder they're the door of choice for businesses and value-minded, energy-conscious homeowners.

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