What Material should I use for Metal Exterior Doors - Aluminum or Steel?

January 01, 2010

Metal exterior doors are typically thought of as commercial steel doors, like the fire door you see in an elementary school. In reality, metal exterior doors run the gamut of looks, styles and uses. You'd be surprised at the options in metal doors, but the most basic option is which metal is best for your use.

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One of the most popular metal exterior doors is steel, not only for commercial buildings, but residences. In fact, drive through any neighborhood and you'll be surprised to find that over one half of the entry doors are likely steel. You probably thought they were wood at first glance, and that's exactly what they're designed to do, mimic the look of wood and marry it to the advantages of a metal exterior door. Steel doors offer a paintable, stainable product in any number of designs from traditional to contemporary.


Aluminum is another popular choice in metal exterior doors, as aluminum is a low maintenance, durable product that can fit any budget. Since aluminum is a metal that's naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, it's often chosen for more humid or coastal locations. It also offers a lighter weight frame for larger exterior doors, such as sliding glass doors or garage doors. While aluminum doors tend not to offer the variety of paint colors and finishes that steel doors do, they're finishing options tend to be durable.

Choosing the right metal exterior door is going to depend on your location, needs and the size and style. But you can be sure that a metal exterior door, whether steel or aluminum, will offer maximum insulation, maximum security and maximum style. Consider a metal door to maximize your home or business.

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