Glass Exterior Doors Provides Tons of Natural Light

December 31, 2009

Glass exterior doors are offering new options in art for glass and the artistry is being used for special effects to introduce privacy to the mix. While glass exterior doors are stunning and allow maximum natural light into the home, there's been an issue of privacy in their use for specific locations. New visual effects in glass doors allow the light in, and keep prying eyes out.

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Some of the effects that are being offered to glass exterior doors, besides the traditional frosted and stained glass options, are:

  • A rain effect that mimics water flowing down the pane;
  • A pinstriped effect that gives a modern twist to privacy glass;
  • Resin designs that bring artwork and privacy to glass panels; and
  • Geometric shapes for a contemporary twist to privacy.

Stained glass remains a popular favorite in glass exterior doors, although the deeper colors don't allow maximum natural light to enter the home. Leaded and beveled glass can take front and center stage for that task, and leaded glass in particular gives a high end look of luxury to glass exterior doors.

For those doors where privacy isn't an issue, such as a glass entry door - custom etching can be done to create one of a kind masterpieces. Etchings can include a more subtle design etched into the glass or an all out artwork portrait.

With the incredible artistic options available in glass, choosing a glass exterior door gives you the opportunity to turn an element of architecture into a work of art that would make any homeowner proud.

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