Glass Exterior Doors - The Natural Choice

December 29, 2009

Glass exterior doors are a natural choice for the home - as in the choice for natural lighting, that is. Homeowners are turning to glass exterior doors to let the sunshine in for a cheerful, bright interior. Not only are they finding that glass doors maximize the interior light, but that natural light sure helps save on artificial light within the home - as in electric bills.

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In the past, using large expanses of glass within exterior doors was considered to be inefficient for cost savings, as the glass used was not as advanced as that which is used in today's modern glass doors. In fact, manufacturers have taken some major steps toward complete energy efficiency in glass exterior doors. Some of the technology offered in glass exterior doors includes:

  • Dual pane glass to offer more insulating capabilities;
  • Single, double and even triple glazing to panes to add coats of heat and cold blocking protection;
  • Tempered safety glass for added security;
  • Metallic coating on the inside glass surface to reflect or absorb the sun's warmth; and
  • Triple metallic layers of silver that reflect the sun's warmth in hot climates.

In fact, some of the technology is so advanced, that replacing your older exterior doors with more energy efficient doors, including some models of glass exterior doors, can net you a tax savings of up to 30% of the cost. It's worth looking into, as there are glass exterior doors that can save you up to $1,500 in the form of a tax credit! Consult the Internal Revenue Service's website for further information at www.irs.gov, and make the natural choice of a glass exterior door.

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